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Walk4Literacy Goals

  1. To produce an annual walk to raise awareness of the literacy crisis in our community.
  2. To raise resources to grow children’s programs that increase reading and writing skills.
  3. To encourage meaningful and strategic collaborative efforts to help every child in our community reach grade-level reading.

Grant Dollars Available 100% of support provided by group, family, and individual registration fees from the 2017 Walk4Literacy will be granted out to the community for qualified activities.

What We Will Fund.

  1. Project-specific grants for organizations that provide literacy education programs for children and youth, ages birth through 18, in Sacramento County;
  2. Project that demonstrate ways in which collaborations are manifested and/or encouraged; General operating expenses will be considered.

What We Will Not Fund Funds may not be used to replace state or local funds for staff or school personnel, or for celebration supplies, food and refreshments.

Eligibility To be eligible for funding, proposals must meet the following basic criteria:

  1. Applicant agency must have 501(c)3 status or operate under the fiscal sponsorship of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; and
  2. Service area must be within Sacramento County and must impact literacy education programs for children and youth, ages birth through 18 (early education through 12th grade), in Sacramento County.

An award-winning application will meet all eligibility requirements and:

  1. Discuss the community served by the program and demonstrate why this program is important within the community.
  2. Demonstrate how the organization works in collaboration with other community agencies or programs targeting children and youth literacy.
  3. Show the reach/impact that the program has or has capacity to reach.
  4. Provide a program budget.

Requirements of a funded project: 1. Host a site visit by members of the Grants Committee. 2. Submit a report no more than 1 year after receiving the grant.

Timeline January 22, 2018 – Walk4Literacy grant application period opens March 19, 2017 – Grant application period closes May 3, 2018 – Grant recipients are notified

Submission Process Completed March 19, 2018. Please email us if you have any questions about the eligibility of your specific grant application. For more information about the Walk4Literacy, please visit

Download this instruction form

Download the grant application here

Thank you for supporting reading literacy in our region, and helping to ensure grade-level reading fluency for every child.